Become the writer — and content planner — your business needs.

Doors are open for the first round of Content Calendar Build Workshops of 2019.

The process of creating content with 4.23 Communication is far different from hiring a freelance writer to draft some pages.

That’s because I believe:

  1. solo and small business owners should never outsource their own voice

  2. every piece of content, big or small, needs to be anchored to a clear message strategy


Content Basics Workshops

4.23 Communication offers two content basics workshops live via Zoom videoconferencing (and we’re looking to build more in 2019 — what parts of content creation and messaging for your business are most vexing to you? Tell me!

Content Calendar Build Workshop: Plan Your Message, Own Your Message

You hit every target for your blogs and newsletters, so far this year, right? 

Oh.  Not so much? Well, did you have a plan? 

Make plan. I can help.

The Content Calendar Build Workshop is a hands-on, get-the-guidance, do-the-work live videoconference where we'll co-create your entire editorial calendar for the next three months (and beyond). Here are the details. 

Content Calendar Build Workshops are available quarterly, every January, April, July and October. Join the list to assure you get earliest access each time registration opens for the limited seating.

Have Them At Hello: Craft Your Most Authentic Introduction

Your introduction -- of you, your business, your products, your services -- is the most core of your core messages. You use it every day. You use it in business settings and at social occasions. It's the one-liner in all your social profiles. 

And it's the easiest to get wrong. 

Have Them At Hello is a hands-on, get-the-guidance, do-the-work live videoconference where we’ll uncover your best, most authentic introduction that grabs attention and leaves them wanting more. Here are the details. 

Have Them At Hello Workshops are available twice a year, every March and September. Join the list to assure you get earliest access each time registration opens for the limited seating.


1-1 Content Coaching & Editing

Tired of procrastinating on sending out your newsletter?

Hate that it takes you all day to write a decent email response to a prospect?

Know that getting a few guest speaker gigs will help you reach new audiences, but have no idea where to start?

Can’t differentiate yourself and your results from all the others out there who do what you do?

Maybe it’s time for you and I to work together to overcome your messaging anxiety and build a strong content foundation.

Throughout the process of working together, I will guide, edit and support you as a writer for your business. 

After years of working with entrepreneurs, I know that outsourcing their voice when they're not working from a clear message base just causes confusion and frustration for them and their clients.  

My approach grows you into a better writer for your business and gives you a WordBrand base to always start from, regardless of what you're writing on any given day. It is very similar to working with a personal trainer who sets the program and guides your form, but ultimately, you are doing the sit-ups! 

In the end, you will be the content creator your business needs, and so much more!