Become the writer your business needs.

My programs guide you in developing your core message and using it throughout your content.

The process of creating content with 4.23 Communication is far different from hiring a freelance writer to draft some pages.

That’s because I believe:

  1. entrepreneurs should never outsource their own voice*  
  2. every piece of content, big or small, needs to be anchored to a clear message strategy
Throughout this process of working together, I will guide, edit and support you as a writer for your business. 

After years of working with entrepreneurs, I know that outsourcing their voice when they're not working from a clear message base just causes confusion and frustration for them and their clients.  

My approach grows you into a better writer for your business and gives you a "word brand" base to always start from, regardless of what you're writing on any given day. It is very similar to working with a personal trainer who sets the program and guides your form, but ultimately, you are doing the sit-ups! 

In the end, you will have the content you need, and so much more!