Business requires


Yet, you didn’t start your own business so you could spend your days writing.

Today... it’s crafting just the right response to that hot prospect who emailed last night.

Tomorrow... it’s the blog post that showcases your talent and expertise (and should have been posted a week ago). Then... it's the networking lunch where you’ll need an introduction that sets you and your results apart in a sea of similar businesses (all in 30 seconds or less).

And when you finally stop staring at a blank screen and crank out some of this content, the end result feels... lackluster.

  • Maybe the message is unfocused and unclear.

  • Or it sounds like the generic corporate-speak you were forced to deliver in your former life.

  • It probably doesn’t come close to expressing the value your clients gain from working with you.


Your words shouldn’t pale in comparison to the genius work you do to create amazing results for your clients.


The truth is, powerful content is essential to every business.  And writing it can seem hard -- maybe even impossible -- when you don’t have a solid plan to start from.

  • Effective messaging takes time, especially if you waste hours spinning your wheels at the computer because you are not crystal clear about your message.

  • Effective messaging takes patience, because the return is not immediate. But there is incredible value in engaging in a consistent, compelling conversation with your clients and prospects.

  • Effective messaging takes courage and a willingness to turn up the volume on your authentic voice.

The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone. 4.23 Communication is your partner,  uncovering the WordBrand of your business and teaching you how use it every time you write, present or bump into your ideal client on the street.

4.23 helps you become the content creator your business needs.

  • You have a content coach, guiding you to becoming a better, more confident writer.

  • You have a content strategist, helping your marketing communication efforts stay focused, on-message and on schedule.

Your business has a unique language that tells your story to your people. Let’s find it together.

“I just had to let you know that I changed my "What we do" page last week. I am convinced the language you recommended is what inspired a Miami-based business to give me a call! Thank you for your gift of words and understanding me.”

/ Andrea Herran / Focus HR Consulting /